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2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage

For 2018, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have instituted the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the aim of:

  • promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and social cohesion;
  • strengthening the contribution of Europe’s cultural heritage to society and the economy through its capacity to support the cultural and creative sectors, including small and medium enterprises;
  • contributing to promote cultural heritage as an important element of the relations between the European Union and other countries, based on the interests and the requirements of the partner countries and on the competencies of Europe in the field of cultural heritage.


The Member States are called upon to implement activities and events to enhance appreciation of the cultural heritage of Europe and to reinforce the sense of belonging of its citizens.

The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism adheres to this initiative by involving museums, institutions, and archaeological sites throughout the national territory, with the intention of favouring international dialogue that begins from the history and artistic beauty of Italy.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage will be presented at the Forum della Cultura, to take place in Milan on 7 and 8 December 2017.